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Originally Posted by Procrustus View Post
I hate (almost) all music everyone is listening to.

I go to be early and get up before dawn.

Dinner must begin before 7:00 pm, and can be as early as 5:40

I go to more funerals than weddings.



Not quite there yet, phew.

I was thinking recently of my first year of University and realized that it was 26 years ago. OK, no real surprise here, just add 1 with every year that passes. But I started thinking : I was 18 then. I'm 44 now. When the same amount of time elapses, I'll be 70 .

Also, while looking at some almost-30-year-old pictures, I realized that not only I remembered that particular day very well but, more disturbingly, my father was younger then than I am now. In my mind, he is still in his 40s. In reality, he turned 72 last month and, to be honest, his age is starting to show.
Mais je porte accroché au plus haut des entrailles
À la place où la foudre a frappé trop souvent
Un cœur où chaque mot a laissé son entaille
Et d’où ma vie s’égoutte au moindre mouvement

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