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Originally Posted by ThelmaLou View Post
The thing that I find most alarming is that at age 70, I can see the end of my life. Let's say I live to be 95. That's only 25 years away. I can EASILY remember 25 years ago-- 1993. That was the day before yesterday.
That's what rattles me. I'm "only" in my mid-50s and though I'm healthy now, I'm surmising that by the time I hit 75 I'll be on borrowed time....some 20-something years from now...and the last 20 years was like a blur to me. It's just like you say: it may as well be the day before yesterday.

On the plus side, my parents were/are the first in my family to live past their mid-60s. Still doing pretty good in their late 70s. Maybe the sliding scale of healthier living will favor my generation of family even more.