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The Nancy Pelosi appreciation thread

It's funny how she was, merely a few months ago, even more of a super bitch than Hillary Clinton, facing an intra-party revolt from political outsiders who were certain she was an old hag who had no place in politics.

But take a look at what she's doing now. Look at how she's playing Donald Trump. The Trumpster fire knew how to beat Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail, and he knew how to wreck much of the Washington establishment. Trump has changed the calculus of campaigning.

But Nancy Pelosi is an entirely different opponent, and I'm not sure that Trump (or even the layperson) really understands it yet. Pelosi is a shrewd, calculating, political bad-ass. Donald Trump is like a tough man contest brawler. He screams. He charges. He throws haymakers. And the rest of the Washington establishment wasn't prepared. Nancy Pelosi is like an aikido-ka. She's using his raw energy against him, and pinning him in his own corner. It's a sight to behold.

Go, Nancy, go!!!!