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Originally Posted by running coach View Post
You seem to have forgotten that there was a deal of 25 billion for the wall in exchange for DACA that Trump said he would sign. He than refused to sign it after it passed both chambers of Congress because right-wing loudmouths complained.
He can't be trusted to keep his side of a deal.
This ^ and especially the bold part. Trump had a deal, and this wonderful 'deal maker' blew it up.

Trump is chained to his base. And his base is also chained to the base. Trump is fearful of what happens if he cuts ties with right wing loudmouths, and the right wing loudmouths are fearful of what happens when they stop using their schtick. They've played the game of niche politics. They have no niche they can really transition into. They've been playing a game of extreme politics because there seemed like no consequences to deal with. Well now there are consequences, like up to 800,000 people getting reduced or no income for a month or more. That also reverberates throughout the economy.