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If the nominee is Biden, Sanders, or Warren, they absolutely need a young VP, given that the VP's primary job is to literally not die, and those three are all old enough that death or other serious health issues are a significant chance.

The other main thing you want in a VP is a fighter: Someone who will take the gloves off, while you yourself remain statesmanlike.

I don't necessarily think that the VP needs to balance the President demographically, other than age. It's critically important that both of them need to be able to relate to people of all demographics, but you don't need to be a member of a demographic yourself to do so. Take, for instance, O'Rourke vs. Cruz: The Irish O'Rourke was able to relate to Hispanics, while the Hispanic Cruz wasn't.

Personally, I'd still like to see Tammy Duckworth as a VP candidate. She's young, tough, energetic, a veteran, and doesn't pull punches.