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I was starting to root for a Booker-Buttigieg ticket, but then Booker boxed himself in by committing to a woman running mate. Nothing wrong with having a woman as a running mate, and I've been saying there needs to be a woman on the ticket for months. But the more I've watched Pete, I like him as a #2. Cory and Pete would've been formidable, imo.

I don't think Pete would be a good pairing with Biden, though. I think a ticket with two white guys would be very deflating to a lot of Dem voters.

For Biden, a candidate with more inside-Washington experience than anyone else, I think he has a lot of room to look outside the box for his running mate. He doesn't necessarily have to look to the current crop of candidates to run with.

I like Tammy Duckworth too. I like her for pretty much any and all of the current front-runners. (Incidentally, Duckworth currently occupies Obama's old Senate seat, which doesn't mean anything, but would make for an interesting bit of trivia should the two team up.)

I'd also like to see a sun-belter or Latina paired up with Biden. I think he'll already do well with white industrial midwesterners and African Americans, but I'd like to see someone that will really, really inspire Latinos to turn up.

Maybe Hilda Solis? (Former rep from CA, Obama's Labor Secretary, currently Los Angeles County Supervisor)
Maybe Rep. Nanette Barragan?
Maybe former Asst. AG and resistance hero Sally Yates? (Ran the day-to-day operations of the DoJ while she was asst. AG, and was fired by Trump for refusing to enforce the Muslim ban)
Or maybe he could go the route of a young AA like Stacy Abrams or Anthony Foxx.