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Originally Posted by Thing Fish View Post
Stacy Abrams would be ticket-balancing Niirvana; a young, progressive minority woman from the South. Or if you want to go with a bit more experience, consider Tammy Baldwin. Duckworth is another possibility, but probably too moderate to go with Biden; she'd be an ideal running mate for Bernie.

Of course, it probably doesn't really matter much, as very few people will actually vote for or against the VICE Presidential candidate. Just don't pick the Democratic equivalent of Sarah Palin, and all will be well.
As a longtime fan of McCain, one reason I love Biden is because they have similar thought processes, with Biden being somewhat less impulsive, but still a lot more impulsive than your average politician. So a Sarah Palin-type candidate, one that brings more excitement than competence and causes voters to worry about if the old guy kicks it, is a very real possibility. And you suggested Stacy Abrams, which proves the point. Like Palin a good candidate on paper, but with no national profile, even less experience than Palin, and one who is already being a little thick in interviews. Plus, why would you bother with Abrams when you can just pick Kamala Harris?

There are two routes Biden can go: his heart, in which case he goes for the excitement factor: Harris, Duckworth, maybe even Charlie Crist(former Republican on a quasi-unity ticket that really isn't since Crist is a fairly liberal Dem these days?)

The other route is what Democrats always do, with the exception of John Kerry picking Edwards: go with the safe choice that does the ticket no harm and gives voters confidence that everything will be fine if the President dies. Given that Biden will be 77, he has to go this route. Tim Kaine, Mark Warner, Jay Inslee, Amy Klobuchar.

Probably the best combination of exciting and competent is Cory Booker or Deval Patrick.