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I like Mayor Pete, but in terms of strategy, I don't think he would add much to the ticket that Biden doesn't already have. Biden's an aging white male moderate from rust belt territory. Biden would probably immediately tilt PA in the Democrats' direction just with his presence, and I think Trump won Michigan mainly because of very poor Dem turnout, which would probably not be the case this time around. According to my math, winning PA and MI would put Biden at or around 269. He would need to break Trump in WI, FL, or OH, which won't be easy, but it'll be easier if he can expand his base a little, which is why I think he'd probably do well either with a woman or a person of color -- possibly a woman of color to check both boxes. But a woman of color who is perceived as having enough electability and political know-how to be respected on the national stage, which leads me to Kamala Harris. I'm sure there is a case to be made for others, but even with some of her baggage, I think she'd be a strong asset in terms of energizing voters that Hillary overlooked.