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Buddhism feels like a chain for me

I don't know, but it's just that the religion when I read it and the text and articles based on it just feels like a chain around my being.

Too much of it I don't understand: no self, the material world is an illusion, emptiness, no reference point being truly alone. All it does is just make my head hurt. I know that there is a tendency to not always be literal in it, but that just makes it worse.

Coupled with the thought or belief I have that Buddhism is the "right" answer and anything else is wrong and therefor if I do anything against what it says then I'm wrong and inferior and choose suffering and lies.

It makes me feel guilty for alot of things, mostly just living life. So it's like every thing I do in my life is against what it teaches. I'm not following out of genuine interest either, I'm just terrified of being wrong and living a lie.