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Originally Posted by Machinaforce View Post
It's just that when I read stuff like:

".....that this materialistic world is an illusion and that everything is just a point of connection that rises and falls away in the same moment....."

I don't know what to do. It's not like I want to live like this, I wish I could just let Buddhism go. I don't hold anything against those who do, but for me it has done anything but help.
Maybe this is your problem - I think a bit more scorn, sarcasm and anger for having your time wasted is in order. Teachings like this may sound profound, have some internal consistency and even a sliver of real-life truth to them.

But it might be easier if you think of them as at best impractical; at worst, the pretentious, bourgeois wafflings of the terminally self-satisfied. In the best tradition of Western secularism, you can take the bits you want from Buddhism and discard the rest without fear of unbalancing the cosmic equilibrium.