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Originally Posted by RitterSport View Post
I think the second paragraph of your first post here and your second post are really needlessly inflammatory. What is the point of posting those here? Don't we have enough left-right fights already going on?

As for the OP, I agree that all kinds of contraception, including vasectomies, should be cheap or free, but I don't think it will do anything to address the "abortion madness". Men who want to get vasectomies can probably get them.

I further disagree with your view that most men don't want kids. They may not want them when they're young, but I would guess that a large majority of men want children at some point in their lives.
So what? I’m responding to the ridiculous assertion that “blue states” can pick and choose what Supreme Court decisions to abide by with impunity. Why not address that ‘inflammatory’ assertion instead of the response?

As the south learned during desegregation the federal government controls the army.