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I'm with Little Nemo on this one. Any conversation that doesn't first and foremost address the rights of women is missing the point in a catastrophic manner.

How to stop this madness? Well, maybe care about the issue even a fraction as much as they do. That'd be a start. We don't even have to do crazy things like shoot up Federalist Society meetings (an actual analogue to the Robert Dear types on the right), just... Y'know, fucking fight. And fight as dirty as they will.

Politics in the US is grossly asymmetric and has been for quite some time. Tell me - what's the democratic analogue to the federalist society? To ALEC? To the Kochs? (If you said "George Soros", sit the fuck down.) To REDMAP? There is none. Democrats have opted instead to "take the high ground" in the hopes that being the sane, fair party will go well for them. It hasn't. Instead, they just look like weak, pathetic losers who are unable or unwilling to fight for what they believe in or what's right or even what would be politically expedient for them.

Does Nancy Pelosi care? Maybe? She doesn't act like it. But the Republicans care. They care deeply and passionately about this issue, and they've done the legwork to do whatever it takes to make Abortion illegal again. Before we care enough to fight back that hard, they're going to keep winning.

(This applies to every issue, not just abortion.)
"Until their much-needed total political extinction, you can expect the GOP to continue to take corporate money to systemically murder you and everyone you know."
- A. R. Moxon