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Originally Posted by begbert2 View Post
There is absolutely no part of "reality is not real" that is scientific, and saying so it a gross misrepresentation of science. Because science is the sort of thing that pokes something, watches it move, then pokes it seven hundred times more just to be sure before saying "It moves when poked; record it in the 'things that move when poked' book." Telling science that it's not 'real' would result in science looking uncomprehendingly at you, saying "It moves when it's poked, dude," and then wandering off to poke other things.

Note: you should follow science's example: reality moves when poked, so it's worth paying attention to and engaging in and poking. Simple as that.

As for the rest of it, it looks like you're making some sort of odd "There are too many of them for them to be wrong" argument, possibly with a "they wear robes and therefore can't be wrong" corollary. The odd thing about this argument is that there are lot and lots and lots of people who believe in alien abduction, Hinduism, antivax, and Trump. Many of them even wear robes! Yet you don't seem to think they're right just because they're numerous and don't make sense. Why choose Buddhism as the one to believe? Just because it's scarier? I notice that you mentioned that specifically.
Buddhism mostly scared me with much of its stuff. But looking at it all now, Iím guessing the religion was rooted in one mans personal experience and his interpretation of it.