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Originally Posted by Fear Itself View Post
I know someone like that. His moustache is so large and distinctive, I don't think I could recognize him without it. I once spotted him on TV in the crowd at a baseball game based on that moustache, which I confirmed by a phonecall to his daughter.
The person who I've been thinking of pulling this disguise prank on has only ever seen me with a trimmed beard for the last 5 months, never clean shaven. And 90% of the time wearing a hat since I've been experiencing male pattern baldness.

I wonder if shaving my beard entirely and having one of those realistic looking hair systems installed would be enough. Maybe perhaps throw in some fake eyeglasses and color changing contacts?. There's something about distinct characteristics of people that allow us to recognize ones we know. What is it for some of you? Eyes, mouth, nose? Somebody today told me that all they needed to hear was my voice to recognize me.

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