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Originally Posted by Ambivalid View Post
My father, for basically my entire life, has had a moustache. Well about 30 years or so ago, upon finding out that he was going to be meeting up with his sister and BIL in DC, my father decided to have a little fun.

He shaved off his 'stache right before leaving for D.C. to meet them. He just had to pick me and my sister up from school and take us home first. In hindsight i believe he did this as a "practice run" of sorts, to see how shocking his new appearance was.

Well, it worked on us kids. My sister started fucking bawling and screaming and i refused to leave with this man claiming to be my dad. I dont think he was expecting it to work *so* well, because it took him the better part of 10 minutes to calm us down and convince us he was really Dad. He looked SO fucking weird and different!

Anyway, my father says the look on his sister's face was priceless when he met them in the D.C. restaurant. She was just staring a confused stare as he approached their table and when he got right up in front of them, she just continued to stare in awkward silence for at least a minute. Finally, "John??" "Is that John?" At that point my dad couldnt hold back any longer and just burst out laughing. He had lived so much of his life donning a big, bushy moustache that just about everyone who'd ever known him knew him that one way. So he fooled some of the closest people to him, simply by shaving his 'stache.
As a sort of counterpoint to this story: my brother had a moustache since before he was married. A few years ago he decided to shave it off. His younger daughter, who was in her early teens, told her older sister, who was about 19 or 20, "Dad shaved off his moustache!"

Older daughter replied, "Dad had a moustache?"