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Originally Posted by Noelq View Post
Two anecdotes:

1. I go to a Renaissance Faire yearly, on consecutive weekends. I know, and am good friends with, some of the folks there. Once, I met a person I only know from Faire in the real world. As he was dressed normally, with no hat and speaking normally, I could not recognize a person I'd known for 20 years.

2. Our office had a "disco" themed holiday party. A guy I've worked with for 15 years, who is normally bald, wore a greaser wig with sideburns. Could NOT recognize him at all.

So yes, it can be quite, quite easy to disguise yourself.
That's crazy, I would think it would take alot more to disguise yourself from someone that knows besides just wearing a wig.

I guess it depends on the person doing the recognizing and how aware they are? Did you get up close to him enough that you could see his face clearly?