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If we want a deliberative body, we should go the Roman Senate / House of Lords route:

-- Membership is for life
-- Membership is based on time of service in elected roles, with more weight exponentially based on level such that ex-two-term Presidents get in, Representatives would get in after 24 years of service, or less if they've also served as mayors/state representatives, etc.*
-- Senators get a least a million dollars a year salary indexed to inflation
-- Senators may have NO other source of income
-- If no one within a state qualifies in a four year span, there may be an election amongst the most-qualified to add to the senate, which would ensure some equality in membership amongst the states although the larger ones would have more people "naturally" qualify.

It certainly has its flaws but that would ensure a deliberative, independent body. One thing it would not be is collegial since the number of members would be larger than a person's monkeysphere so they could not all be considered close friends of each other, but the collegiality ship has already sailed.

*Adjust the number of years to qualify depending on the size of the Senate you want and how many vacancies there are.

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