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Originally Posted by CoastalMaineiac View Post
That's the logically inconsistent part to me. It bothers you that your state is getting screwed by the E.C., but not that it is getting screwed, in almost exactly the same proportions, in the legislative branch. Do you feel that how much influence you (as an individual voter) have in choosing the president is more important than how much influence you (again, as an individual voter) have in shaping the laws, rules, and regulations that we all must follow? If so, why?
In my case, it's not so much that my state is getting screwed by the EC. My problem with the EC is that the candidate who wins the popular vote can lose the election. That's not an issue with a Senate election - if Senate Candidate A gets 48% of the vote and Candidate B gets 47%, Candidate A wins.

I don't feel my state is getting screwed by the EC - and that may be the difference between those who are in favor of the EC and those who are not. In my view, "states" don't have interests and don't get screwed by the EC- the people living in those states have interests. Granted, I live in a very divided state, possibly the most sharply divided of all - but my interests and the interests of someone who lives in Elmira probably don't have much in common. And that person in Elmira might feel he's being screwed due to the winner take all method of choosing electors used in nearly every state.