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Originally Posted by Treppenwitz View Post
I was most upset to see the wind taken out of your sails by Zipper. Maybe this will cheer you up.

Here in the UK they are advertising their latest burger variants thus.

And just in case that site is not visible in the US, they proudly announce that

Sticking like glue to their theme, they trumpet

- but none of these awesome flavours are actually available in the US, it would seem. Maybe one of you guys could come over here and confirm that the awesome flavour of New York is exactly like - well - something you've never tasted.

Are there TV ads? Of course there are TV ads.

Has that made you feel any better, sleepy?

I remember some Mel Gibson movie where he plays (?) a conspiracy nut who got one correct. I was right? I was right! Wait, what was I right about? But yes, I feel much, much better!