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Originally Posted by Ann Hedonia View Post
Not to relitigate the Everest thread, but climbers falling from a part of Mt Everest is not a major cause of death on Everest. A part of Mt. Everest falling on climbers ( avalanches and serac falls ) is a much more frequent cause of death. That instability would make it difficult to construct and protect massive permanent infrastructure.

And oxygen tents and pressure chambers are not interchangeable.
So...the logical thing is to suspend something, away from the mountain. Held in place by tension or with redundant supports. Maybe breakway components for when an avalanche takes out a support column.

I didn't pick a cableway out of a hat. I know in general it's doable.

As for the oxygen tent/pressure chamber : no shit. I'm frankly not sure what happens to human lungs with long exposure to low pressure pure oxygen, I've read it can lead to problems but it's much slower than the same exposure at full pressure.

So obviously you'd choose oxygen tents - separated from each other and with fire suppression integrated - if you could, but if that won't cut it, maybe pressure chambers. This 'infrastructure' concept has permanent staff on the mountain, so they might need to wear pressurized suits and live in pressure chambers. Not to sea level pressure, just an increase of a few bar, perhaps with a gas mix with less nitrogen and some other inert gas.