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Originally Posted by SmartAleq View Post
I've witnessed first hand the amazing amount of work it takes to get construction equipment into a relatively accessible canyon in the Sierra Nevada to put in a geothermal power plant, I'm boggling that anyone would think it a trivial matter to construct something even more ambitious up the highest peak in the world. I mean, just filling in enough of a canyon to make a foundation spot for a modest power plant required YEARS of dozers winching and hauling each other up and down slopes that were nowhere near what's normal on Everest, and let's not even bother factoring in the weather and snow load and avalanche and landslide potential because it's already impossible--and for what, so a few idiots can take selfies up there without risking death? I mean, fuck all the people who'd likely die trying to construct the fucking thing, sheesh.
Did you actually plan this operation or just watch with a can of beer? Or maybe you were one of the guys hauling sandbags?

Please quote the post where I said it was trivial. I said it's possible. The other side of the argument said it's impossible and I was "digging" to even continue the discussion.

Are you saying it's impossible to build an accessway of some type (whether it be highway, roadway, railway, or cableway) to within a short distance of the peak of Mt Everest, using technology available in 2018? (since 2019 isn't over yet. Note that trivial modifications to present technology counts)

I also never said it was safe, just that the dangers are manageable. Doesn't mean that people wouldn't die, but with protective suits and careful planning it wouldn't be very many.

And if you believed I said it was trivial, but I didn't, doesn't that call into question your own mental faculties?

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