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Originally Posted by Ann Hedonia View Post
How are you going to keep anyone at the top long enough do any work? And how are you going to supply the construction force? You don’t have your real life version of Disney’s Matterhorn ride up and running yet. And a construction project of this scale would make Everest 10 times the ecological disaster that it is now.

I can’t believe that this is what I’m entertaining on Saturday night, but here we are.
In stages. Like I said in the OP. It wouldn't run as a continuous cable-way, at least at first. You build a cableway a few hundred meters from your source of supplies, probably Lakla. Then a few hundred meters more. Also, you might build a smaller, temporary cableway which you just anchor with tension. With the right planning and preparation, even melting a hole in an ice flow and anchoring to the rock underneath could be used. (temporarily, to transport in the heavy equipment for large, permanent towers like they use in matterhorn, anchored to permanent geological features that don't see ice flow

And the previous stages are where you get a supply of the filled oxygen, or filled air, or bunny suits - I'm not committed to any particular type of protective suit without a detailed study of the tradeoffs.

But you use climate controlled, protective suits, supplying the workers with pure oxygen or the appropriate gas mix for the pressure. You might use pressurization or constricting band pressure suits do exist - the pilots for the U-2 spy planes used to wear them until they switched to full space suits.

This is a straightforward problem. It's well within human capability to perform. Now, yes, your bolded objection is noted. There might not be a way to accomplish this you would consider "ecologically friendly", though I have to ask: what is your basis for it being an "ecological disaster"? How much life is even up in that frozen high altitude wasteland for human trash and activity to disturb?

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