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Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
Two comments
a. I agree, I was butchering your nonsense you blather about.

"The relationship to meaningful things -- the semantics -- is established by the logic of syntactical operations that are performed on it, just exactly like the operations of a computer program."

I have no fucking idea what this is supposed to mean. I think you're trying to claim it's an unstoppable obstacle to a computer emulating a human brain, at all, in any situation, but I don't know why.
Of course you don't know what it means, and nor does it have anything to do with your ridiculous inference, and nor could any rational person see how you could possibly make such a ridiculous inference from that statement. More comprehension impairment, apparently. It's been clear to me for some time now that despite all your bloviations, among the many things of which you have zero understanding are some important fundamental theories underlying computer science. What you appear to have knowledge of, if anything, is the vocation of "computer programming" rather than the science of computer science. It's like the difference between being a research hydrologist and being a plumber. I suppose that explains a lot about some of your idiotic pontifications about things you know nothing about. It's telling that earlier on in this thread you had to defend your interpretation of what "computational" meant by looking it up in Wikipedia, and then you got it wrong anyway.

You claim to have a Masters in compsci, and while some folks here might not believe you, I do. The reason I do is that I once had a guy working for me on a project whose "contribution" (and I intentionally put that word in scare quotes) was going to be the basis of his compsci M.Sc. project at a major university. This was decades ago and I still remember him as the most ineffable moron I have ever been stuck with, on that project or any other. His value was literally negative, because he took up my time and contributed nothing. And he did eventually get his degree. Whether or not you're brighter than him I can't say. I would say that you're definitely more dangerous if left unsupervised, and that could be even worse. He would have been afraid to try things he didn't understand. You'd be more likely to plow right ahead and in a single night of unsupervised mayhem somehow set the project back three years.