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Originally Posted by Jonathan Chance View Post
This has always intrigued me, actually. We're talking about a place with maybe a third to half the square mileage of Texas. Yet there's about a million differently identifiable accents. On their best day Americans might be able to spot five or six 'so-called' American accents. It's like we could spot the difference - and have it have meaning - between Charleston, Columbia and Greenville accents here in South Carolina. It's bewildering to me.
What's hilarious is I've lived in a youth hostel and so met tons of Brits and Australians who see pretty much no difference in US accents, while complaining about how US people can't spot the differences in UK and Australian accents. Basically, we all sound like regular people on tv or cowboys on tv, and that's it. We had a long, drunken, spirited discussion about this at the end of "Love, Actually" when a character returns from Wisconsin with a cowgirl sporting an LA accent and the non-Americans were all "what?" when we Americans started groaning.

("Fargo" really threw them. I'll never forget a British girl turning to me with an accusing scowl saying "There are people in America that talk like that, really?").
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