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Recently I've been watching a lot of videos from the British program Mock the Week. These videos were all of the segment "Scenes We'd Like To See", where the comedians who were the guests on the program that week had to come up with clever lines for situations that the host proposed. As far as I knew, the comedians on the show were British with an occasional North American, but I didn't make any attempt to look up where any of them were from. I noticed that Ed Byrne, one of the more or less regulars on the program, had an odd accent. To me, it sounded like some mixture of a British and an American accent. I finally looked him up and discovered that he was Irish. Now, I should have been able to distinguish accents better. I'm American, but I lived in England for three years as an adult. I've been back to visit quite a few times. I've also visited Ireland twice for a total of three weeks. I wonder if it's typical for an American to hear an Irish person (if the American has no idea where the person comes from) as being sort of British and sort of American.