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Originally Posted by Smid View Post
Littlefinger's was a joke. He shifted between English, something different, Northern Irish and Irish (which he is) and back during not just the show, during a season and sometimes during an episode.

Non UK people wouldn't notice it, but sometimes you'd go "Eh? He's Northern Irish NOW?"
I noticed he'd talk differently in different scenes (don't ask me to identify the accents, though) but thought it was part of the whole "chameleon" thing. Switching accent/dialect/register when you talk to different people, or even within a single conversation, is a negotiation/ingratiation technique. To me one of the difficulties of working in an Nth language is that I can't do that; in one of my primaries, I do it all the time.

Originally Posted by Blank Slate View Post
By and large, American audiences don't notice or care if an Aussie or Brit mangles an American accent.
That would depend on which American accent we're talking about: "somewhere in the US" can be mangled no problem; something more narrowly identified such as "Brooklyn" or "Louisiana", you'll have so much gnashing of teeth dentists will be lining up.
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