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Originally Posted by BeeGee View Post
So this old lady who didn't give you her name or address reacts to your creepy behaviour by asking for your info so that she can send you some scrolling thank you meme that you can share with a bunch of other strangers to prove that you're really a great person?

And the fact that you're invading this woman's privacy doesn't matter because she's not married and in her late fifties? That attitude shows me you're not really telling this little tale* for any reason other than to show off your detective skills rather than lay claim to any humanitarian effort. And my dusty old lady hackles are pretty creeped out by this. News flash, little boy: stalkers don't confine themselves to pretty girls. Even old broads like me are wise to watch our step.

*tale, noun: a story. See also fairy.
Lots of speculation there. Wow.