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Originally Posted by BeeGee View Post
You rolls the dice, you take your chances. You rolled. The outcome is that an overwhelming number of us believe the actions you describe are certifiably creepy. I don't think it's true. At what point on this sliding scale of bs it goes off the rails, I'm not sure. But certainly by the time that she sends you some scrolling thank you blurb just in time for you to conveniently let us know how much your actions were appreciated.

I'm guessing you came up with this scenario for impressing some woman you want to get closer to. Your friends told you it's a bad idea, so you decide to present it to us as something you've already done. Then when you get called out, you start making up these weird details.

Either that or typical fan fic.
She never sent me the scrolling thank you. And I don't want to get closer to her. I don't need to. Being gym friends is enough, and yeah, I should have been clearer on that earlier. Nothing is made up.