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Originally Posted by Eyebrows 0f Doom View Post
Only when those people don't have a penis. Then their experiences don't really count.
You know, this gets confusing. In some threads we are not supposed to treat women any differently at all because that is just stereotyping and archaic. Yet in some cases we are to treat women as if they are in 1588 Elizabethan England because they are delicate flowers that cannot conform to the scary people that they see in society and likely need protection from their husbands. Which is it?

Originally Posted by snfaulkner View Post
You seem to be assuming that you know for sure that's why said semi rando is there. The point is that you dont know and you cant know on that instant they show up. And until you give the ok for them to mow the lawn, they are trespassing. You're the lawyer, what's your rights re:trespassers?
When I post here, I am doing so as some guy who likes to come here for entertainment and/or education. I am not posting here as a lawyer. This was a poll asking if a person should be thankful or not. I don't recall a request for legal advice.

That being said, of course I would not advise anyone to do this. But this idea that was briefly mentioned that you could shoot someone you saw outside mowing your lawn is frightening to say the least, especially when those making that statement are likely those who would otherwise argue against gun ownership, and it seems to me that if they think that way, then that is what colors their thoughts.

As far as being criminal, in my state, unless there are no trespassing signs posted, there must be a command to leave the property which is refused before criminal trespass becomes an issue.

Originally Posted by Spiderman View Post
"Hi I'm Sue & my lawnmower is broken." & then you suddenly show up at my house & mow my lawn, when I never told you my last name or address. I'd certainly feel stalked & threatened. I think 'Sue' can be concerned what Mr. Mower is going to do if she don't thank him enough/properly?

What's next; if she goes to the gym in the morning & says she doesn't know what to have for dinner will she come home from work to a fancy candlelit meal for two on fine china in her dining room?
This is several steps removed from danger. Sure the guy who mows your lawn COULD be the next Ted Bundy, but it is not reasonable to make that assumption without more.

Further, I noted above that an invasion into your home is far more serious than mowing your grass, which is exposed to the public.

But, to the majority of the thread, let's have a sterile society where nobody does anything nice for someone else. Let's always assume the worst of people and keep our distance. I mean, don't invite the neighbors over because one of them could be a murderer for all you know. Put razor wire up around your house in case someone violates the sanctity of your yard by mowing it. I'm sure that will be better for everyone.