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Originally Posted by begbert2 View Post
For the record, I don't assume that crazy people lack free will, and have never heard anybody but you suggest they do. They see reality different than I do and have different priorities, but still make decisions from their own perspective.
I find that hard to believe. You've never heard someone say insane people don't know right from wrong? What this implies is that crazy people can't be judged as immoral because something in their mind prevents them from making good choices. They see a knife and are uninhibited in picking it up and stabbing someone, because their brain fails to override this impulse. They become convinced God has commanded them to drown their baby and lack the cognitive ability to ignore this order.

Everyone sees reality differently and has different priorities. If that was enough to make someone crazy, we'd all need to be committed.

I also don't consider having a gun to your head to rob you of your free will; you could always choose death, after all. There are probably some actions you would choose death rather than do. In either case you are still making the decision yourself - you just have to choose amongst terrible options.
If choosing to eat vanilla instead of chocolate ice cream is as much of an exercise of "free will" as choosing to do anything under the threat of murder, then its a meaningless concept and a rather shallow philosophical exercise to talk about it.

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