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Originally Posted by EdelweissPirate View Post
Personally, it annoys me to be put on speakerphone, especially without asking. It means I canít assume that our conversation is private, but mostly, half-duplex audio sucks in a big way. The person who put me on speakerphone can hear me reasonably well, since Iím on a full-duplex device (my handset or a headset). Meanwhile, my audio quality takes a nosedive to the point where the other person is often difficult to understand. And any background noise on the other end interrupts what Iím saying without my realizing it, causing random gaps in my speech.

In my experience, many people put others on speakerphone without realizing that theyíre making it much harder to communicate. Iíve been put on speakerphone only to have the person who did so comment on how terrible our connection suddenly becameóand this has happened when Iíve called on land lines as well as my mobile phone.
I've found going back and forth between "What?" and "Sorry, say that again, I can't hear you at all" after every statement will eventually get them to take you off of speakerphone after just a few second. And, if enough people do it, maybe they'll actually stop using speakerphone.