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Originally Posted by BigT View Post
I think that, if half duplex didn't work well enough for most people, they would have a better solution by now, like using noise cancelling to remove the speaker's audio and stop any feedback loop.
First of all, “they” absolutely do what you’re suggesting and have for years. It doesn’t help very much. The problem isn’t feedback—high-pitched screeching—but rather that half-duplex audio inherently mutes one party or the other at all times. That’s the definition of half-duplex audio.

Some telepresence systems use fancier signal processing and do ok, but they typically have at least three microphones with significant spatial separation.

It’s nice for you that you don’t perceive the problems with half-duplex speakerphones. But that doesn’t mean that the people you’re talking to on speakerphone also don’t mind.

I’m not saying this applies to you, BigT, but the few colleagues who’ve routinely put me on speakerphone also have no qualms about having entire peripatetic speakerphone conversations in public places, like while waiting to board a plane. Those guys seem blissfully unaware that they’re pissing off the entire departure lounge, so it probably hasn’t occurred to them that the person they’re speaking to might not like it either.

I concede that half-duplex conversations bother me a bit more than some. But I’m far from alone in my annoyance at being put on speakerphone. Most of my colleagues—not the ones who share their conversations with the flying public—dislike being put on speakerphone as well. It can read as discourteous, especially when it’s done on the sly.

For example: https://peterbrownhoffmeister.wordpr...speaker-phone/

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