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Originally Posted by Max S. View Post
Is it time that is an illusion, or the existence of a "past" universe?
Sorry, I don't understand the question. I think you're assuming I was asserting something other than what I was asserting (?)... I stated that causality is an illusion. Time is not illusory, but the separation of time into "events" is an illusion.

There is also the viewpoint that there is ultimately no cause, that the initial state of the universe "just is".
This, for me.

But if you do establish a chain by which, given the initial state of the universe, you can determine the state of the universe now, the implication is that the "universal consciousness" has no free will and never had free will.
Why would you say that? It's here; do you have reason to believe it is here for any reason other than "it wanted to be"?

Aside from the initial moment (if that exists), every time you point to a decision or choice that seems to be free will, it can be determined from a previous state of the universe.
Yes, but that's because all the states of the universe are the same continuous self; the splitting of things into Event A and Event B is something we do in our heads but it isn't intrinsically there. Just as you can't logically argue "You, AHunter3, do not have free will, you have to do what your self makes you do" -- because there aren't two of me, my "self" and the "me" that is determined by it -- you can't argue that the universe at Time A is the cause of the universe at Time B.