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Originally Posted by Thudlow Boink View Post
You keep mentioning emotional impact. If the only enjoyment you're getting is on an emotional level, you're missing a lot.
Not sure I understand you. I don't think enjoyment is quantifiable other than by referring to the emotional impact experienced. The emotional impact you experience may be increased by additional knowledge and the ability to analyse. That is nice for you but I can't see how you are enjoying it any more than I am and I can confirm my enjoyment levels are not enhanced in that way so "missing out" is not an accurate description.

I listen to the Enigma Variations without any prior knowledge and put my enjoyment level at a 9/10.
I research Elgar and the background to the piece and when listening again I put my enjoyment level at 9/10

I don't enjoy the music any more in the latter scenario.

Certainly I end up better educated, I know more about the world, I may understand more about the motivations and be able to see exactly what is happening. no point do I think any of that helps me enjoy it more. Perhaps I just experience music in a different way to you, the visceral experience of it is what matters to me.
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