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Originally Posted by Novelty Bobble View Post
Not sure I understand you. I don't think enjoyment is quantifiable other than by referring to the emotional impact experienced. The emotional impact you experience may be increased by additional knowledge and the ability to analyse. That is nice for you but I can't see how you are enjoying it any more than I am and I can confirm my enjoyment levels are not enhanced in that way so "missing out" is not an accurate description.

I listen to the Enigma Variations without any prior knowledge and put my enjoyment level at a 9/10.
I research Elgar and the background to the piece and when listening again I put my enjoyment level at 9/10
I'm not talking about things like biographical background on the composer. I'm talking about the content of the music itself beyond its strictly emotional appeal. Things like the structure, the "plot," the development (as Les Espaces Du Sommeil discussed in Post 40), the way the music conforms to or defies the expectations it builds up in the listener.