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Originally Posted by Novelty Bobble View Post
I'm primarily interested in what the music does to me, not how it does it.

All the aspects you mention are open to study and analysis, as would be the ingredients of a fine meal or the aromatics given off by a fine wine but knowing more about them doesn't make it taste any better to me.
Some people do experience things differently when they know how the different parts interact to create the whole. Some do not.

If you appreciate music form, and take the time to study it, the difference when listening is that you think to yourself, that's neat how they transitioned from this to that, I like how this instrument in this movement reminds me of X, this is an unusual scale with a haunted theme, etcetera. It is like identifying with lyrics or being awed by vocal range versus simply liking the sound of the singer's voice. It is the same difference between saying you like music, and being able to point out which specific series of sounds you appreciate. For some people, the ability to identify what exactly you like about something, or to appreciate the inner workings of a thing, in fact heighten the experience.

I am not saying that learning music theory is necessary or even that it makes listening better. This is all subjective. Different people like different things, for example I am perfectly happy appreciating automobiles without any want or will to understand all of the inner workings. I love pretty cars, but I'm no car lover. Some people call that ignorance, but they're snoots. I think it's bliss.