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Originally Posted by Sitnam View Post
Why does classical music always have the same instruments and structure? As if through out time, only violins, cellos and flutes existed.
It doesn't. Different ensembles used different instrumentation. Chamber music (say, a string quartet) is still classical music.

And even the full symphony orchestra evolved between the Baroque and Romantic periods as instrument technology advanced. The clarinet, for example, did not really exist before 1700, and only was adopted as a standard orchestral instrument in Beethoven's time.

Where are the jams Richard the Lion-Hearted grooved too? Why isn't Platos favorite song considered classical?
Musical notation was an innovation of the Middle Ages, so we have little record of what music Ancient Greeks listened to. But music that's "considered classical" has always been "art" music -- ballads and other "popular" tunes such as would be played by wandering minstrels is old, but not usually considered "classical".

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