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Originally Posted by Dinsdale View Post
Hmm - Patsy Cline? Emmylou Harris? Johnny Cash? ...
Rats. You picked the few I actually like. And I have an unreasonable fondness for the song El Paso.

Re: opera. I saw an old movie when I was a kid where Lily Pons sang The Bell Song from Lakme. It gave me shivers...I loved it so much. I must admit I often prefer some isolated arias vs. the entire opera, but I don't hate opera. Got to see a beautifully sung staging of Turandot at the L.A. Music Center at least ten years ago. Weird staging and costuming though. I leaned over to my companion to say that Calaf looked like John Travolta in Battlefield Earth. He laughed and said the woman next to him just told her husband that he looked like a Klingon.

Who doesn't love Nessun Dorma?

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