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Originally Posted by Ashtura View Post
I am highly suspicious that if the only hydration you got was from eating fruit, you'd get pretty bad diarrhea. At least for me. I eat a shit load of fruit and don't have a fun time.
If you're eating other stuff as well, that might reduce the diarrhea risk. Also as your body adjusts to things - e.g. if you ate that much fruit every day - it might become less of a problem.

And of course there is some water in other things as well - even in most protein foods.

Most days I don't drink anywhere near "enough" by the 64-ounce-a-day recommendation, sometimes I'll nurse a 20 ounce drink all day. And yet there's always some degree of output. I assume the difference is based on other things I consume.

Going back to the cholera question (grape juice straight up or diluted): if the only source for water to dilute it is suspect, and you have no way of boiling it, would the straight juice be a better choice? Or would the water pose no further danger if the person already *has* cholera?

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