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There did not seem to be a thread on this. I wanted to put the link in the Positive Gun News thread, but I suspect I would be accused of trolling.
San Francisco Supervisor Catherine Stefani created a stir this week, winning unanimous passage of a resolution to label the NRA a “domestic terrorist organization,” citing the gun lobby’s violent rhetoric and promotion of loose gun laws.
It was not a difficult lift at all here in San Francisco. As we (say) here: As San Francisco goes so goes California and the rest of the nation. The NRA describes what I’m doing as a reckless “assault.” What I say is that the NRA’s reckless assault on America is about to come to an end. They are more fringe and more toxic than ever and the American people have had enough.
Well, I definitely think that this qualifies as stupid gun news.

I love San Francisco. My wife's originally from there, and we visit at least a couple of times a year. But lots of people in that city are fantastic at meaningless, pointless posturing, and this is a perfect example. They have a massive homeless crisis, housing affordability is a nightmare, and they're more interested in a gesture that does almost nothing but express outrage. About the only concrete part of this resolution is a section that aims to deny city contracts to organizations with ties to the NRA, and that will almost certainly be found to violate the Constitution.