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Originally Posted by sweeteviljesus View Post
No, K-, C-rations, MREs, etc. don't count. Anyway, I don't believe you are supposed to consume them for more than thirty days in a row.

I thought meat might do the trick, but how much?

The people I know who eat only meat eat about 1400-2000 kcal worth per day. They naturally eat less - it's tough to overeat on meat-only - and tend to lose body fat and build muscle easily. Calorie content depends on whether it is fowl, pork, or ruminent and what cut it is..

Most of them are not as extreme as the beef-only crowd I mentioned before. In general they prefer organic and 'pastured' animal products and they eat a variety of animals and include some liver, kidneys and sometimes sweetbreads (all cooked). Most also eat eggs and use additional fat (lard, etc) for preparing meat.

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