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Originally Posted by BlackKnight View Post
The first season is available for free on Doc Martin.

I watched the first two (three?) episodes a while ago, but had to stop. There are many good things about the show, but I was getting extremely irritated by his secretary. I wanted so badly to punch her that I just couldn't keep watching.
He got rid of her. The new one is still a bit ditzy, but competent. The first one (I forget her name) bugged me that much, too - if the writers had treated it as just his idiosyncrasy that he couldn't deal with her, I would have turned it off.

I don't know if the doctor has Asperger's, but I do read him as more socially clueless than, say, House. He's arrogant, sure, but I think he also really doesn't realize why some of the blunt things he says are unwelcome.