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Originally Posted by teela brown View Post
Yep, Port Isaac is gorgeous. If you track it down on Google Earth, you'll find it's bristling with embedded photographs taken by tourists trying to track down Doc Martin - and they're from all over the world, to judge by the languages in their captions. It must drive Port Isaac inhabitants bonkers.
We had never watched Doc Martin before we visited Port Issac in April this year while they were filming the present series. Actually we had never really heard of it! We saw the film crew and asked what was going on and got looked at as though we were mad Of course we had to check it out when we got home and Mrs Marcus was hooked.

It does drive the locals mad - or at least some of them. The others are all too busy making money from the crew and visiting tourists! The Doc's house actually has a sign saying it is a private dwelling, no interior shots are done in the house, and please respect the occupents' privacy. The stangest thing - having watched three series - was that Martin Clunes actually smiled as he walked through the streets!