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Originally Posted by Saintly Loser View Post
I hate this style of singing. I call it the "I'm just a girl" voice. Makes me nuts.
I will call it this from now on. Thanks!

I used to listen to ABC Radio National (Australia) every morning, loved everything about it, but the "musical interludes" exclusively became "I'm just a girl" type songs. It's as though they were seeking out the most bland, inoffensive and generic music for people who don't really like music, but still attempting to be hip in some way.

I started dreading when Fran Kelly would introduce a song. Sometimes it would even be a boy singing. Always with the lone guitar, or even worse, a ukelele. Eventually I switched to News Radio - no music at all.

And to banks and insurance companies, please stop using these songs to make you seem all floaty and whimsical. It's so irritating.

Originally Posted by Vashbul View Post
The style has deep roots. You could say
Listen to Dusty Springfield demonstrate how to sing like a sad girl but also like a real singer.
I don't think this is really the genre - this is a beautiful sad song by a top singer , with violins and piano.

Thank you OP, for giving me this chance to vent.