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See if you can get a dealer service person to ride with you while you show them the symptom. This will be more of a challenge if it doesn't occur consistently at a given speed (or speed range), takes a long time to present itself, or requires a longish drive to reach a suitable roadway. For noises and vibrations, it's not uncommon for the servicer to detect something that turns out not to be what the customer was concerned about, and being able to definitively say "There it is! Do you feel/hear it?" is a big plus.

Tires may be a factor. Harmonic vibrations in an out-of-balance wheel/tire assembly are speed related. However, the symptom you describe is not typical of an unbalanced wheel alone, so I suspect something else is faulty, either instead of or in addition to a tire flaw.

If you can't get the dealer to agree to the ride-along, or the symptom doesn't occur then, your plan to have another shop evaluate it is probably the best option.