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Originally Posted by tetranz View Post
Could a tire cause a problem that gets really bad and goes away again? I doubt it but I'm no expert.
Yes, this happens all the time. When the car is parked overnight, the part of the tire that touches the ground becomes flat. Then, when you start the car in the morning the tires retain that flat spot and that can cause vibrations similar to those when the wheel is out of balance.

But as the tires warm up during driving, they regain their round shape and the vibrations go away. It should need no more than 5-10 minutes of highway driving for the vibration to stop. All tires exhibit this behaviour, but it is more pronounced on some brands/models than others.

Now you mentioned in the OP that the vibration was so bad that you had to stop the car and check. This isn't normal, either there's something really wrong with the tires or there's some other problem. Anyway, if you still have the factory tires it would be a good idea to change them. Hyundai ships their cars with really shitty tires (usually Hankook or Kumho). I would suggest to use some better brand, like Bridgestone, Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, etc.

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