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Originally Posted by Magiver View Post
If the car seriously shakes then you may have a bad wheel bearing and you're hitting the resonate frequency. This will happen very quickly if this is the case. It will go from just noticeable to violently shaking in seconds. Had this happen years ago. The car would shake at a certain exhaust note so basically it occurred in each gear.
Yeah I understand a bit about resonate frequency etc. It seems like that when the problem starts but wouldn't I then expect the vibration to change when I slowed down? Once it starts, the amplitude of the vibration doesn't seem to reduce until I completely stop. Even when I'm about to stop and crawling along at walking speed, it's still there just as bad, but at a lower frequency proportional to speed.

If the CV joint is bad you might look for signs such as a ruptured boot to see if it has lost grease or been contaminated by road grit.
I just made contact with my brother who is an auto mechanic in New Zealand and he thinks it's the inner CV joint.

Upon rereading your post I wonder if you have rear drum brakes and they are loose. I've had drum brakes become so loose they clunked. The test and fix for this is to back up and repeatedly pump the brakes which will activate the adjustment wheel. do it 10 or 20 times and see what happens.
I'm pretty sure it's disk brakes all round.