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Originally Posted by tetranz View Post
Thanks for the replies. It's booked in at the dealer first thing Monday. I don't think I'll drive it until then because I've just noticed a few scary things. The back wheel where I've been hearing the noises is unmistakably hot after driving and it's leaking what I assume to be brake fluid. I guess that's good news because it should be easy to find the problem. I wonder how safe it is to even drive there but I checked the brake fluid container in the front and it's full so it can't be leaking much. It doesn't feel like the brakes are locking on or anything. I guess I'll find out on Monday.
If it was a rear wheel drive car I'd worry that the axle was popping out (had that happen on a 67 Oldsmobile). I suspect you could pull the wheel and just rotate the assembly by hand. Consider it practice for when you have a flat tire and can't figure out how to get the jack out in the dark. It could be something very simple associated with a bad brake pad or untightened bolt. If for some reason you got a defective pad and it fractured it could be trapped in the assembly and rattling around.