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Where did you read that there's no such thing as a genius? If that's so, then the word has the wrong definition... Define "genius" in such a way that there is such a thing.

That said, this Pauli fellow you mention may or may not be a genius, but he's certainly a prodigy. The difference is this: None of the accomplishments you mention is, in itself, remarkable: The only thing that makes them remarkable is the age of the person doing them. There's plenty of folks who play the violin, graduate from college, and go on dino digs but who are not genii. Let's see if this kid keeps up the pace.

By the way, "IQ so high that it can't be charted" doesn't say much... There hasn't been an IQ test yet devised that is reliable for a person in the 99th percentile or higher, which means that one person in a hundred has an unchartably high IQ. This assumes that IQ even has any significance in the first place.