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So, now IQ=100 is "average".
Yup. But here's an interesting fact: what's average keeps getting better. When they re-standardize the tests every 10 or 15 years, they always find that the mean score has crept higher.

I think that the last time the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children was re-normed, the mean had increased to around 106. So the test publishers have to change the scoring to make the mean equal 100 again. Since 15 years isn't long enough for significant genetic differences to arise in a population, the increase is primarily attributed to improved education.

I'd agree about the bell curve thing, although there are a few "disorders" which tend to corellate with higher intelligence-- ADD, autism, and dyslexia, for instance.
Actually, something like 80% of autistic kids are profoundly mentally retarded. And I'm pretty sure the relationship with dyslexia derives from the way we define reading disability, so it's not a "real" correlation. But the ADD correlation sounds interesting; I hadn't heard about that before. If you have cites, I'd be interested in seeing them. I'm doing an internship in school psychology next year, so it would be very helpful.